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Repair information and troubleshooting for Craftsman-brand riding lawnmowers.

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Blades do not engage when PTO switch is activated.

My battery was dead so I had to jump start my tractor. I connected the negative cables to my car and tractor batteries. When I connected the positive cable to my car battery there was a spark at the tractor. Unfortunately, when I connected the positive cable to my car i failed to noticed the other end of the cable was resting on the metal shelf that the battery sits on. I reconnected all cables and successfully got the tractor started. However, now the blades do not engage when I turn on the switch. Speeds 1-6 and reverse work, the only thing not working is blades don’t engage. I have a Craftsman Model 917.273634 Any ideas? Thanks in advance :-)

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Probably not the case, but just in case, have to ask - did you check the belt that drives the blades?


@fixnpop59 I did Tony, that was a good suggestion. I ordered a new Craftsman PTO switch and hopefully that is the issues. If if corrects the problem I will be a happy camper :-)


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Without the exact model of your mower, it’s sort of hard to help with any exact information, but check the PTO switch itself. It may have been damaged while you were connecting the battery. Failing that, I would check the clutch solenoid. Good luck.

Also, this YouTube video might prove helpful in troubleshooting the PTO switch:


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