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Nintendo’s first major revision of the 3DS released to Japan in October of 2014 and to North America in September of 2015. The 2015 3DS introduces improved 3D capabilities, a C-Stick, new internal amiibo support, and a new set of trigger buttons.

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New 3DS has no power nor power lights.

The battery has a lot of corrosion and the console wont show any signs of life even when plugged in. I am wondering, is it the battery PCB, or is it the charging port? I dont know where to start, no water damage has ever happened.

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It could be the battery, i suggest maybe taking it in somewhere and see if they can replace the battery or at least get you a new one. Try taking the battery out and having a look before you take it anywhere first. Orr it could be a broken charger?

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I bought a new charger, definitely, the PCB needs replacing AND the battery, but the console should still turn on while plugged in. The issue I'm facing is that, should the console still turn on with a broken PCB (ABXY)?


yeah no i dont think it'll show any life signs until it's replaced. weird you would think a new 3DS would be perfectly fine


@dest1ny I replaced the PCB, blue light but no screens :/


dang, maybe it's the screen itself? it could be cracked internally. that happened to one of my tablets once


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