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Repair information for the 6th generation iPod nano. Released in September of 2010. Model Number: A1366.

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iPod stops playing after 3-6 songs

Im now on my 3rd Nano. All have had the same issue. Thy will stop playing after 3-6 songs. It doesn't turn off just freezes. The counter will still show .00-.02 seconds remaining and will not click over to the next song. It does this with shuffle on and shuffle off. Most frustrating. Cant be bothered returning another am assuming its a bug in the software. But if any one has any ideas that would be much appreciated. Cheers

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Hi there,

thanks for your reply, I tried as you suggested, I have a 2010 Mac Mini by the way, it did the same thing first time played only 1 song and the counter stopped with .03 seconds showing, the second time it played 3 songs and stopped with counter showing .01 seconds. very frustrating indeed. Any further suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards



So you have tried with a clean iTunes with no old music in it? Then you can add some music to test if it is related to your iPod or iTunes. Did you try this on another Mac/PC with the same result? I have a hard time believing that 3 Nanos all have the same symptom.


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Hi Simon, I suspect there could be something wrong with your iTunes settings file. You don't write if you are on a Mac or Windows machine. Try to do this:

- Quit iTunes and disconnect your iPod

- Move out your iTunes folder to the desktop (do not delete it! We will need to put it back afterwards). On Mac OS X it is default here: ~/Music/iTunes/ and on Windows here: \username\Music\iTunes . Remember the location you found it in.

- Start up iTunes and you will be prompted the questions like it was the first time itunes was started.

- Your iTunes will be empty so import som music into it for testing. Insert your iPod and sync it from your new iTunes setup.

Test to see if this helps to play more than 3-6 songs. If it does then you need to rebuild your iTunes catalog. Let us know how this works first. If you need to you can now quit iTunes and pu back the iTunes folder from your desktop. Then your iTunes setup will be like before the test.

But let us know who this first test works!

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