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Rear USB Damaged, replace?

My USB on the rear of the PS4 Pro got damaged. (Wait for console to cool down before removing rear cables) I paid for an Xtra 3 rear warranty (was in warranty when happened) but was told I broke it so no repair.

The USB port had either shrunk or the cable expanded. When I removed the USB cable, the port came with it. As in the plastic piece that covers the ports pins. When I tried to reconnect it not knowing what happened the pins got bent. I tried to fix them after I was told I wasn't covered.

Now year later I have two ports. But one is the external HDD the there is my TAC for mix and headphones. I miss the 3rd USB. If I connect the HDD to one USB and use the other for say a USB hub. Will this be better than fix it by the rear USB. Also does the PS4 have enough power for the port. Or do I need a powered hub?

Steering wheel, Camera, controllers and other devices. I have USB hubs with there own socket. But some devices need to be connected to the PS4.

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You’ll need a externally powered HUB, one that comes with a DC port on the hub to power it externally. USB 3 / 2 is fairly limited in supplied power 0.5A/1.0A.

These ports are USB 3 capable so you might be able to get away with the use of a USB 3 hub that is directly powered off the PS4 if you’re lucky.

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