3rd gen iPod touch wont turn on or charge.

Hi guys,

My 3rd Gen. Ipod touch will not turn on at all. If put on charge nothing happens, except that it starts to heat up rather quickly (10min). Any ideas?

I was going to start with the battery replacement, but could use some tips on soldering the ribbon to the logic board. Are paste and a hair dryer a good method for this type ribbon?

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What happened to the iPod? Did it just stop working, or was there something that caused it to stop working?



Thank You for responding so fast. I am a long time reader first time question asker on ifixit. I don't think anything in particular happened to the Ipod. My little ones use it, but they say it wasn't dropped or anything. I had used it a day or two before. I started taking it apart, but I need a smaller phillips head. Is overheating a sign of a shorted battery, perhaps?


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