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The PSP 300x was released in the U.S. on the 15th of October 2008. Repair of this device requires only common tools.

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PSP-3006 not "absorbing" enough juice from the battery

Hello everyone.

I bought 2 batteries for my PSP-3006 (yes I know they are clones).

I suspect that my PSP is not absorbing enough juice from the batteries. Because both of the batteries have been perfectly working fine on my friend’s PSP.

This happens at random. This issue is really weird and I can’t analyze what’s really going on, or even summarize the entire thing to make it short.

Here’s what happened:

-The PSP won’t charge while it’s turned on. No orange light. So I have to turn the PSP off/sleep mode for the orange light to show up.

- The next day, the PSP will already charge when it’s turned on, but in the battery info it shows blank results. I still charge the PSP when its completely turned off just to make sure. I also touch the charger to make sure it is plugged correctly ( If it’s not hot, then it’s not working)

- The battery info on the settings menu is very inaccurate. It would randomly hop around numbers. (Sometimes it’s accurate sometimes it’s not)

-I can play Tekken and Gran Turismo for 3hrs, now this time, the battery info was accurate. It dropped down from 100% to like 39%, for both batteries.

- Sometimes the battery would just die out even when it had around 3 bars on it.

-When I sleep the PSP for 30mins, it won’t turn on. I have to charge it for like 1 min and it would wake the PSP up, even if it has 100% charge.

- I tried to turn the PSP completely off and removed the battery with 100% charge. Then put it back in after an hour. It won’t turn the PSP on. So I have to charge it for like 1min to wake the PSP up.

Spare parts for the PSP in my country is very cheap but I don’t want to spend a lot of money for “experimental” repairs, If anyone knows what’s causing this problem, it could be a great help!

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newcedielamela3  all of those symptoms are related to the battery. Fuel gauge etc. all relates to that. Of course you can and should check the charging connector, battery connector etc. as well. Get a new quality battery and check it again. That way you at least have a know-well starting point should further troubleshooting be necessary

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Thanks for the reply.

In short: I have to give my PSP a "jump start" or kinda like throwing a bucket of water to an army guy to wake him up.

A little bit inconvenient when I'm playing outside home.


"throwing a bucket of water to an army guy to wake him up." I have never ever needed that to either wake up or to wake others up. Not a good example.

Anyhow, replace your battery.


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