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A 4-cycle straight shaft string trimmer manufactured by Troy-Bilt. This model is identified by TB675 EC.

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Why is gasoline coming out of air filter?

I have a Troybilt TB635 EC. Recently I replaced primer bulb, fuel lines, and carburetor. I double checked that the three lines from primer bulb are correct and that there are no leaks where they connect to bulb or carb. However, when I press primer bulb about 5-6 times, gasoline will start coming out of the air filter port. Need help with this one please.

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Thank you very much!!


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You may have already done this but here is what I would do in this case. My initial guess would be the gasket in between the air filter housing and the carburetor. There is typically a separate port or hole in the gasket that leads directly to the primer.

  • Take the air filter cover off and remove the air filter.
  • Press the primer bulb a few times until you see where the gasoline is coming from.
  • If you don’t see where it is coming from, then trace the gasoline back to its origin.

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