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Die Xbox One X (Modell 1787) ist die neueste leistungsstarke Spielekonsole von Microsoft, die die Xbox One S ablöst. Die Xbox One X wurde am 7. November 2017 veröffentlicht.

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Xbox One X No Power

I’ve got an Xbox One X here, and I’m having a bit of trouble with figuring out what’s going on with it. Basically, I can click the power button, and it will beep, but no lights or anything and device doesn’t turn on. The fan doesn’t twitch or spin either. I have also confirmed the power supply is good, which leads me to believe it may be something deeper on the motherboard side.

I’m a little less familiar with the one x compared to the original and one s, does anyone know of any motherboard diagnostics guides for the one x? or any other ideas I may be missing due to my lack of experience with this particular device?

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Have the same problem but my xbox will beep when i click the power button and the light will turn on for 3sec then the xbox just dies. I bought a replacement power supply but it still kept doing the same thing.


I just posted a thread about a Xbox one s I have need help figuring something out but I had same issue as you two it turned out if the blu ray drive is plugged in it wouldn’t work and turn on but with blu ray disconnected it’s turning on and working like normal. The power supply and mosfets chips tested good on this motherboard.


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Try checking for any burn marks / corrosion near the power circuit on the board.

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My Xbox does the same thing but my light comes on for one second. I’ve been testing the capacitors. Will let you know what I find


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