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What can be the reason for getting these horizontal lines on my TV?

I purchased this TV 5 years back and has been all good till date. Suddenly it has started developing some horizontal image as shown/attached image

Block Image

What may be the problem? How do i fix this problem? Would i need a technician help. How much can it cost?

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@h4harshith could be an issue originated from the T-Con board or bad LVDS cables/connectors. Unplug those and clean them. There is of course a possibility that this is a LCD controller board error from failed source drivers. That board is (permanently) connected to your panel. Check the thin ribbon cables coming from that board and entering the panel, by applying some pressure on those. See if that helps changing the picture. Of course, it is always nice to see what you see. Post some pictures of your boards etc. with your question

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this method worked for me : 


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