Replaced battery in my RCA Viking Pro, now it won't power up a lot all

RCA Viking Pro, RCT6303W87

Tablet worked, but wouldn't hold a charge long at all. After trying the things that were suggest on here, I realized I needed a new battery. I replaced the battery & now it won't power up at all. I checked the battery & it's good.

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Check around the connector with a voltmeter to make sure that the battery is delivering voltage to the circuit board. Was the unit you successfully checked the new battery in exactly the same model? Did you try the other tablet's battery in your dead unit? If you did and the unit didn't successfully turn on then more than likely you have other problems than the battery. First steps first though is to make sure that voltage is being delivered to the dead unit's circuit board and thereby clearing the connector as a source of the problem (the connector or traces may have been inadvertently damaged during the removal of the old battery etc)


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