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"The worlds smallest 15.6-inch laptop packs powerhouse performance and a stunning InfinityEdge display all in Dell's most powerful XPS laptop."

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Where to buy Dell XPS 9560 56wh OEM Battery

Hello, like the title says, I cannot find a reliable source for purchasing new batteries for my XPS 15. Dell no longer sells the 56Wh - 3 Cell Battery, Type H5H20 11.4V for the XPS 15 9560 and am looking for recommendations for legit sources. Thank you!

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Batteries + Bulbs is a reputable retail store chain that sells batteries for many electronic devices.

Amazon and Newegg are a good online options. I have included a couple of links you can check out. These batteries are by JIAZIJIA and Dentsing, and they have gotten pretty good reviews.



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