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Kenmore washer won't drain - all mechanical components are working


I’ve a 1999 Kenmore washer/dryer combo model 110. Machine won’t drain before spin cycle starts. So when the spin cycle starts the tub is still full of water. I’ve torn this thing down and checked all the mechanical components of hoses, pump, motor coupler etc.

Intermittently it will work and when it does it all seems fine. Does the same thing in all wash cycle options (heavy duty, soak, permanent press etc) I’m focussed now on electrical issues or main control switch panel. Machine agitates and spins fine so I believe I’ve eliminated the lid switch from the equation. Anyone able to offer insight on whats proving to be a challenging fix on an otherwise historically easy machine to work on. Cheers, Larry

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What is you exact model number?


@mayer thank you.

Model Number: 110. 1850291

Serial Number: MJ3502877


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Might want to try hooking up the pump to an external power source that includes a switch so that the pump itself can be ruled out as intermittent; that is, hook it up, toggle the switch on and off several times in succession to see if the pump is energized each time. Unhook all connectors/terminals and clean/reseat. Check for any protection components (ie thermal) that may be malfunctioning. Continuity checks with unit unplugged, wiggling wires for making and breaking continuity etc. Some units will have a schematic included (maybe not always obvious location) that details what particular components are engaged via the logic board(s) when the unit is performing a particular action; might also show voltages which could be checked with multimeter.

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Thanks Prop Man! The pump is connected to the motor directly so its mechanical not electrical. I couldn't find the schematics - but did all the wire checking and reseating - wasn't able to find any thermal protection. Still working on this slowly.


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