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A collection of guides and support to help with washer repair.

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What is this called and are there parts to buy?

Hi fixers!

Looking for help, my washing machine broke just in time for my newborns arrival. So many poopy clothes need to be washed.

Anyway, i identified that this “thing” “exploded”. It cracked and it seems to be the only problem. Knock on wood.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

However, i do not know what this part called or if there are parts. Its at the end of the water hose.

The model is:

Block Image


Any help is appreciated.

/ new dad

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If you don't want to replace the whole hose, take the original hose to your local building/hardware or appliance store and get an adaptor and one of two stainless steel hose clamps. Cut off the end of the original hose, slip the clamp(s) on the hose and then insert the adaptor into the hose. Position the clamps in correct place and tighten. Reattach hose to washer. Viola! :-)

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@propman Thanks, friend. I appreciate the help. It all sounds "easy" enough. I'll look into it


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