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Im Juni 2017 brachte Apple die Neuausgabe vom 13" MacBook Air heraus. Es erhielt den neueren Broadwell Intel Core i5 Prozessor, die Leistung und Akkulaufzeit stieg dadurch etwas an.

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What is wrong with my screen?

Hi! So this is my Macbook Air 2017, I got it roughly in March, and ONLY use it do my online school work. I went to go do my school about a week ago, and I opened the screen only to find this. The lines get darker as time goes on, but they start off like this every time the computer turns on. I don’t know what the problem is? From all the pictures I looked at both cracked screen and water damage, it doesn’t look like either. I take very good care of my laptop, and it doesn’t get much use. What is the possible cause of this?

Block Image

Thank you in advance!

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This looks exactly like mine :)


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ayla Apple has what is called a flat rate repair.

If your machine does not show signs of impact or water damage, you should qualify.

Call 1-800-MYAPPLE and ask for it. In Texas the cost is $357.00 including tax and shipping.

They FedEx you a shipping box overnight. You put it in and drop it off. Three days later your repaired machine will be back in your hands. If they find anything else wrong with it they will fix that too.

They will need your serial number and a credit card when you talk to them.

One of the few things Apple does that’s really nice, but you have to know to ask for it.

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Take off the snap on case you have on the display lid lets see it the tension of the cover is the cause.

Sadly the display its self has become damaged and will need replacing if removing the cover doesn’t help.

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@danj Flat Rate Repair?


@mayer - That would make sense


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