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Das neue Flaggschiff-Smartphone von Huawei wurde im März 2019 veröffentlicht. Das P30 verfügt über ein 6,1" OLED-Display und einen im Display integrierten Fingerabdrucksensor.

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WiFi and bluetooth not working Huawei p30

What parts fixes the Wifi and bluetooth on Huawei p30?

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Is there no other solution for the wifi/Bluetooth issue?



i would be happy if someone has a cheaper solution than to replace the main board which is a third of the phone price, because at present my P30 has no wifi and no bluetooth.


So how to fix it


Wife and bluetooth is not turning on

I need a way to get wifi and Bluetooth turn on

=== Update (05/23/2022) ===

Is Huawei p30 please I need to help me


Yes both are not working


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So the phone has had a ‘attempted’ repair at another shop. The phone has been opened and probably stripped. The first thing I would check is if the coaxial antenna cable that goes from the main board to the daughter board at the bottom has been refitted. I’ve seen phones ‘repaired’ with half the internals missing. Also check to see if any components are missing, especially if the previous shop attempted any soldering.

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Don’t worry it’s really easy to solve this problem you just have to reset your network settings after it your wifi bluetooth, network all these problem will be solved.


Hope this will help you here it’s written how you can reset your network settings

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If your phone is having WiFi and bluetooth problems, the two most common utilities for addressing this are the system updates and network settings.

First go into Settings > System > System Updates and make sure the phone’s software is up-to-date.

Then, go to Settings > Network & Internet > Airplane Mode to turn Airplane Mode on and then off again.

If this doesn’t work, perform a network settings reset in Setings > System > Reset > Network settings reset.

Finally, is all else fails, a factory data reset may be the only option.

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Hello, I haven't found this anywhere. I get the Software part of the issues with bluetooth and wifi.

But I had a Costumer whom repaired their phone(P30) at another repair shop at which the bluetooth and wifi just disconnects by itself. Does anyone have an Idea of what part that need to get changed?


Any update on this?


does anyone know how to fix this?


i was told that the main board for the p30 needs to be replaced when the wifi and bluetooth switches off on its own.


@henricrepairs replace the main board, i was told that by huawei technician


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