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Die Xbox One X (Modell 1787) ist die neueste leistungsstarke Spielekonsole von Microsoft, die die Xbox One S ablöst. Die Xbox One X wurde am 7. November 2017 veröffentlicht.

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Xbox One X Flashing Image and Crackling Sound

I have the answer for this, but I have to ask the question first it looks like.

Is your Xbox One X (Maybe S as well) image flashing to black randomly and sounds cracking? Look to my answer below for my initial issue and mt process to find it.

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I'm not that experienced with board repair but I believe I found a fix for an issue I ran across, and others as well. I didn't find much on the web or other groups expect people experiencing similar issues with no legitimate fix. 

So a customer (co-workers brother actually) brought me an Xbox One X that the screen would go black after long hours of gaming. Sounded to me like it was over heating. Microsoft puts some really high end thermal compound on their chips, keeps them really cool, and the Xbox has never had problems over heating (<--Sarcasm) 

Easy fix, cleaned up the system, a bit dusty, and applied some Thermal Grizzly.

Here is where my other issues came up. 

Upon turning on the device after about 5 minutes the screen would begin to cut to a black screen then back on randomly. It wasn't like the screen wasn't receiving a signal, just that there was no image. I would also get some nasty crackling and popping sounds from the speakers. 

What the !&&* did I do to this thing.

I was searching the internet for hours, I found a lot of people with issues regarding switching back and fourth between 4K and HD that would work, but their issues of "flashing screen" weren't quite the same as mine. I did however come across a YouTube channel TronicsFix. He was working on an Xbox one S that had no image at all. He ended up replacing the HDMI Controller IC right below the HDMI port. I don't believe his fix worked for him, but by using my brain and deductive reasoning I figured if the GPU had issues, I wouldn't get an image at all, and this IC he was referring to controlled timing and processing the signal, it had to be it.

Managed to find one in eBay. Replaced it and it worked! 

I couldn't test if I fixed the initial issues of the over heating because I couldn't convince my manager that I needed to play 5 straight hours of Halo on the clock. But since the customer was a brother of a co-worker I explained that to him exactly, and he said he'd give it a shot. 3 months later, I haven't heard form him. 

I'm kicking myself for not taking photos of the process to share with you guys. I also am not sure what led to the flashing issues, if that was something I did or just the original issues got worse. I hope this helps someone in the future.

Part is TDP158 HDMI Retimer IC

Link to part here: https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R4...

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Yay's and kudo's plus thanks for the share! :-)


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