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Guides and repair information for Hoover vacuum cleaners.

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pet hair removal attachment stopped working

i have a hoover hurricane which works ok but the pet hair removal attachment has stopped working, i have put it in my friends hoover and it works, i have cleaned all the filters and the dirt bin but it still does not wok?

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Did you check if there is a blockage in the hose?

Here’s a link that may be of some help.

Scroll down and click on No Suction not picking up > Check for Blockage in hose.

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there is no blockage as the hoover works when picking up dirt, however i have noticed a slight burning smell whilst vacuuming



Only suggested the blockage because as the pet hair removal attachment is suction powered it may require more suction to operate than the normal attachments.

A slight burning smell may be emanating from the motor getting too hot. Vacuum cleaner motors rely on air passing over them to keep cool.

Just verifying that you cleaned the exhaust filter on the front of the cleaner as well?


yes i did that and its all clear of debris do you have any other suggestions as i have tried everything many thanks william



Getting back to the burning small the only other thing that comes to mind is that the motor may have a few shorted wires in the windings and is not producing enough power.

If you have a power meter - example only (or one suitable for your location) or access to one, you could measure the power consumption (wattage) of the motor in your vacuum cleaner when it is operating (with /without the pet hair removal tool) and compare it to your friend's hoover (assuming it is of similar rated power consumption) and see if it is the motor that is the problem.

Just measuring the resistance of the motor windings, using an Ohmmeter may not be accurate enough to give an indication of a problem one way or the other.


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