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The HP Pavilion dv9000 series was introduced in 2006.

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How do I open the computer base to access the inside components?

The power socket on my HP Pavilion 9500 has a short in it (most likely a cracked solder joint) where the AC power adapter is plugged into the computer. I have removed all of the screws from the bottom of the laptop, but the bottom does not seem to want to come off. I hate to apply too much pressure to anything, as really don't want to break anything else on the computer. Nonetheless, I think if I can get the bottom off I could solder the cracked AC power socket. Any suggestions?

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Here is the service manual. Page 5-76 shows you how to remove the main board. This should put you in a position where you can solder your power socket. Good Luck.

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Alternatively you can use some online tutorials available on YouTube which shall guide you step by step that how to take each components apart one by one in other way service manual is the second best option.

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