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Mac won't turn on after reboot

Hello, my mac book pro was exposed to water(some drop of rain) while it was on.

It was OK for some minutes, than suddenly it asked me if I wanted to restart the system and immediately shut down. When back home I disassembled it (logic board etc… trough the keyboard) and tryed to dry it, but no visible water was inside if not one water drop on the battery. After 24h I assembled it back and connected the battery. The Mac was on again, fully working except for F11 and F12 keys.

I decided to restart it to try a apple hardware test, but after the sturtup sound it was dead again with no sign of life.

Now it's turning on only if I disconnect the battery and plug it back.

Mag safe led is off and the battery led indicator on the side is off.

Can it be the logic board or probably just the faulty keyboard due to water?

Thanks for the help

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Try to rule out a possibly shorted battery, just disconnect it and see if the Mac works properly without it: if it’s just a battery issue everything should be working fine including magsafe green light and you would need a replacement battery to continue troubleshooting. Before worrying about the logic board I’d also try disconnecting the small battery indicator connector as it’s connected to the SMC. Disconnecting one by one every other connecting cable on the logic board, keyboard included, would be a further step you may take to gather further info. If you have no green light with battery and indicator disconnected then it’s probably a board issue.

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i would lean more to the keyboard, try that out first and then maybe the trackpad. see what that does.

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