Need to replace the bottom heating element. Help?

I own the BOV800XL and in moving I broke the tubes protecting the bottom heating elements. Everything still works. I ordered the replacement part and now I have to figure out how to disassemble the toaster over and replace the part. People say “It is a quick and easy replacement” and “there are a lot of screws” but I was wondering if someone has done this and has advice on which of the many screws I am going to need to remove to get inside this thing (remove the top, bottoom, sides, etc?) Any advice would be great.

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A description of taking your unit apart is at (mainly pertaining as to what screws need removing):

Fixing the start button

You won't have to disassemble the front switch panel but from the looks of the following photo the power supply will have to be unhooked in places and removed to replace the bottom elements.


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