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Does anybody know how to get stripped Pentalobe screws out?

I was replacing the battery when I over-tightened one of the Pentalobe screws on the outside. I stripped it. Now, I can’t get into the computer to do any other repairs. Let me know if anybody has any methods to remove stripped screws without damaging the laptop, and if anybody knows a site where I can buy a replacement screw.

Edit: The screw head is stripped but not the threads. I can’t unscrew it and I can’t pop it out.

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Remove all the other P5 screws. now you should be able to lift the cover enough to pop the screw out.

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The threads are not stripped, but the screw head is. I can't pop it out but I can't unscrew it either.


@chanute You have to cut a notch in it and use a flathead. I do this with a type of Dremel tool with a cut off disk attached. The disk is round, so if you are careful all you will cut is the screw since it is recessed.


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