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LGs Flaggschiff-Smartphone mit einem einzigartigem herausschiebbarem Akku, abnehmbarem I/O Modul und Unterstützung für mehrere Hardwareerweiterungen. Erschienen im April 2016.

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No sound when making a call after screen replacement

After dropping my phone it still worked perfectly except for cracks across the screen. I replaced the screen. Now I don’t get any sound when answering the phone. However it works with the speaker phone on. What did I do wrong

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Do people at the other side of the call hear you

If they do

I be looking at the earpiece of the phone

It possible you may have damaged it or installed it incorrectly

See the images

Let us know how you get on

Block Image

Block Image

LG G5 Kamerasensor austauschen

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Thanks for your response with pictures. It showed me that I had missed transferring the ear piece casing from the old screen to the new screen. Now I can hear the other party during a call without turning on the speaker phone. I had followed a number of YouTube videos, but none of them showed the ear piece casing. I guess there are variations of the LG-5 phones. Incidentally, I also had to transfer two pieces of rubber spacers from either side of the ear piece speaker from the old screen to the new screen to make the camera flash light and the proximity sensor work. Without that I was getting the phone screen to go blank during a call.

I hope you can help me with another issue that I came across when I first opened the phone to replace the broken screen. I found a black U-shaped piece made of hard plastic lying loose inside the case. I cannot for the life of me find out where it comes from. Hopefully, you can help me identify it and its location. I am attaching a picture

Thanks for your help

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Is it possible to see an photo of it



I located it. It straddles a small casting where the right hand screw is attached at the bottom of the back cover., i.e. one of the two screws that we undo before we separate the back cover from the screen

( I’m trying to attach its image, but it doesn’t want to upload)



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