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Here are repair guides of Samsung J7 Pro. Learn how to repair you samsung j7 pro on your own.

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Why do I only get sound when i'm in a call?

Yesterday i came home from school and tried to play some music, but my phone had no sound.

I checked the volumes, and restarted my phone; still nothing.

I went on youtube and researched the issue, and found a bunch of videos telling me i had some dirt or lint in my headphone jack. I cleaned it out with a q-tip just like advised, but it changed nothing. Then i found that the phone still recognised when the earphones were being pulled from the jack, and stopped my music when they did.

At this point i thought my speaker was dead for sure, but then my mom called, and when i picked up i could hear her clearly.

Maybe its just the ear speaker thats working?

If the speaker really is busted, how would i go about fixing it?

Any help in solving this issue would be very appreciated and i thank everyone in advance

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Based on your answer I'm going to assume that neither the headphone jack or the speakers are producing sound. Take for granted that I'm not very familiar with Samsung, but it sounds to me like it's a software problem. Make sure that you aren't on silent mode, and go through your audio settings to make sure it isn't that.


@chanute thanks for your answer, but i do actually get sound from my headphones. i have unchecked silent mode and checked for software updates but there are none. Thank you for your answer though!


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If the ear speaker and headphone jack is working, it’s probably just the bottom speaker. Here is a repair guide for replacing it.

Samsung J7 Pro Speaker Replacement

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Thank you! Now i know what i'll have to do, since i was completely lost before.


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