Brother MFC-8600 b&w laser false jam. Feeds fine, but halts print.

Brother MFC-8600 works great, does not realize paper is feeding fine.

I have an older Brother MFC-8600 with what seems to be a feed detection issue. Every sheet of paper stops about halfway into the machine, with a perfectly clear half page of toner deposited, but never reaching the fuser roller. The machine claims a jam. This started suddenly. The feed roller is clean and sound.

Same result with the front feed slot, same result with a self test page. Everything sounds normal, and I've cleaned and dust blasted everything. Is there a way to diagnose? To repair the paper feed sensor? Probably applies to other Brother MFC (Multi-Function) printers, just to jam a few Brother keywords about paper feed and jamming into this post.

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Service Manual:

Download Brother FAX4750 Service Manual

Brother FAX4750: Service Manual | Brand: Brother | Category: Fax Machine | Size: 9.88 MB | Pages: 444

This manual also for: Mfc8600, Mfc8300.


Cool. But the instructions were wrong for entering maintenance mode

I finally found:


We have 3 ways to enter in maintenance mode in this printer.

First way:

a. Turn off the printer.

b. Hold menu/function button.

c. Turn on the printer. Don't let your finger go until maintenance appears in display unit.

Next way:

a. Turn on your printer.

b. Press: MENU---START (MONO for inject printer)---UP BUTTON four times (THIS PROCESS SHOULD BE DONE WITH IN 5 SEC)

c. Maintenance will appear in your screen.

Last way:

a. Turn on your Printer.

b. Press: MENU---(Press *,2,8,6,4 number)

c. Maintenance will appear in your Screen.


The error I get is:

88 Paper jam. "Even after the registration sensor has gone OFF, the paper

ejection sensor still stays OFF.)"

So it would seem to be a registration sensor that's falsely giving off.

Using sensor test mode though, it seems fine.

So not fixed yet.


So I'm stuck at testing the "paper ejection sensor", which seems to be built into the fuser assembly. I know it has it's own PCB, and I know where it is, but can't be sure I'm actuating it. Taking it apart seems infeasible.


Sensor test works great! I wish all printers had it.

Unfortunately the one sensor I can't test is.... the one sensor I suspect is bad. The sensor is embedded in the fuser roller.


I was able to test these sensors using the service manual above. "ACSIMILE EQUIPMENT





MN - Manual Feed

TN - Toner

RS - First sensor in paper path

PO - Last sensor in paper path just at fuser. Tested with stiff piece cut from heavy plastic food container, jammed in.

MN - Manual feed sensor

All work.


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