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Can loop disease limit the camera?

Hi yall, so I’ve repaired a family member’s iPhone 7 with loop disease (we’ll send it to a repair shop far away that can do microsoldering to fix that.), but now that I’ve fixed the phone, its camera functions are completely gone. Both back and front. Now im wondering if i somehow maybe screwed something up. I’ve recconected both like 8 times. Thanks in advance!

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A dodgy back camera can also stop the front from working (aswell as the flash light). Could also be board level though.

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as chris said back camera can cause front to not work as well. try disconnecting the back camera and see if the front camera works (may or may not).

also, what repair did you do? I’m assuming a screen replacement (most common repair on a phone after all). Check to make sure the prox/front camera flex cable didn’t receive any damage as well.

Clean connectors for both front and back cameras. Power cycle device (disconnect battery and hold power button for 10-15 seconds to flush all power out of the board).

If nothing else you can try to do a factory restore via itunes and see if there is a software glitch that caused the issue. That’s about all I can think of that may help restore functionality though beyond replacing the (most likely just the) rear camera, which for some reason is more expensive on the iphone 7 plus than any other iphone I’ve seen including xs max.

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