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Can I fix broken LCD backlight connector ribbon?

I had a broken LCD display, and bought a replacement part on eBay. When I was replacing I’ve accidentally torn the backlight ribbon. Screen works but can only be seen under very bright light. Can I repair this somehow? I can’t seem to find a replacement part online.

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Can you send a picture of the damage? It's likely that you simply need to order a new screen (assuming it includes a backlight) because ribbon cables are very difficult to repair.


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It can be repaired, but the process is very delicate and requires skill. I found a video of someone repairing a ribbon cable for you, but also I suggest looking into conductive paints.

Depending on where in the cable it is broken, you might be able to paint the traces with a conductive pen, then cover it with one of those ridged, clear plastic, stick-on covers you see used to prevent short circuits a lot. The rigidity of the plastic could prevent the ribbon from flexing where the break occurred to help keep the silver paint from being disturbed.

Soldering a ribbon (skipping to time code where he starts)


Amazon search for conductive paints:


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@ceruleanbreeze “I’ve accidentally torn the backlight ribbon” looks like you hit the backlight connection on the torn ribbon cable. Can it be repaired? sure if you have the skills, the tools and the patience. In this case I would suggest that you get another replacement part. You now know what difficulties you encountered and I am certain that this time the repair will work out just fine for you.

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