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iPhone 7 Plus screen replacement boot issue


i replaced the LCD on the iPhone 7 Plus and tested out before closing the screen. It worked everything fine and then I closed the screen and screwed the bottom. I turned on the phone again and it’s stuck on the Apple logo boot. So I opened the screen again and tried to turn on then everything is fine.

What issue might be in this case…?

*i also installed a new battery for this as well*

thank you for your time!!

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If your iPhone 7 is boot looping only when it is closed up it will either be the camera flex or the home button flex. I would be leaning toward the home button flex. There is probably a small tear on the where it bends 90 degrees. You will have to look very closely some magnification would help.

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Have you closed it back again(for a second try?)?

I know for sure that ic chips can be defective in replacement screens. It’s weird that it works fine while open but not when closed.

You didn’t mix up any screws at all right?

Have you completely disconnected and reconnected the screen(after disconnecting the battery first)?

Any visible damage on the flex cables?

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Thank you for your comment. I know it’s strange this one...yes I tried to open and close several times, checked all the screws stuck, any damages on each connectors, and also disconnect and reconnect all the cables but still the same...I really can’t figure out what the problem is here


Did you put all screws removed in the CORRECT location? They are different sizes. Putting a longer one in the wrong hole can dig into the board and damage internal traces.

You said you’ve opened and closed it several times. Did it do the same thing all times?

Did you try the original screen back on it?

If the original still at least doesn’t make it boot loop, the screen must be defective. Its a weird symptom,but it is obviously defective then. I’d order another one.

Oem is the best way to go technically. eBay can have iPhones that are iCloud locked for cheap. You could use the apple original screen off of it.

Generic screens can work though. Ifixit screens are good quality generally.


Did the new screen have a camera flex cable? If so,sometimes it can be defective. You could swap the old one to the new screen if that’s the case just to be sure.


@skyethespy usually they have good screens, not always, but given the enormous amount of choice, i have a 60% succes rate, 2x more chance than amazon or ebay, out of dozens


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