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Herausgegeben am 25. September 2015. Model A1687/A1634. Die Reparatur des 6s gestaltet sich ähnlich zu denen früherer Generationen; benötigt werden Schraubenzieher und Hebelwerkzeuge. Verfügbar mit GSM oder CDMA / 16, 64 oder 128 GB / Silber, Gold, Space Grau oder Roségold.

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Home Button not working

Hi after I succesfully replaced the screen on my Iphone 6s I closed up my Iphone and powered it on. Display was fine but when I unlocked my phone I got a message saying “touch id is unavailable” I opened up settings and went to sucurity and tried to enter a new fingerprint in and I got a error message saying Touch ID is unavailable I went to exit settings and saw that the home button doesn’t respond to being clicked at all i swapped back my old screen to see if the IFIXIT screen was faulty and the home button still didn’t work im stumped I hope somebody is able to help me wih this I really don’t want to have to go to apple and pay there ridiculous prices. Help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hey. First,did you disconnect the battery prior to the repair?

Is the home button flex torn? Did you check it with a magnifying glass? This is beyond common to happen. It can tear so easily. When you lift it from the original adhesive,it can tear. This may have happened. Or if you were rough with it,the flex could have bent too much,or the fpc connector could have been damaged.

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Hi thank you for your reply I did dissconnect the battery but I most likely did damage it I just didn't know if this was a software problem or a hardware problem. Thank you for the reply


No problem.

It is probably a hardware problem. There are people who can microsolder home button flex cables...but it isn’t usually worth the cost unless it’s an iPhone 8 or something.

Just make sure you’re connecting the flex cable in the correct orientation.


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