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Guides for the Wi-Fi version of the iPad Mini 4—model A1538. Announced on September 9, 2015, the iPad Mini 4 is the successor to the iPad Mini 3.

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Why can't I delete Apps after replacing Screen w/ original Home button

I replaced the screen/digitizer combo and moved over the original home button. Put everything back together, did multiple restores, and DFU restore and I still cannot delete apps. The little x in the corner comes up but pressing it does nothing. Also when installing new apps they stall or do not even show up on the homescreeen after they’ve been installed. App store shows “open” but clicking it does nothing. Any advice on whats going on here?

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Ok, so here is an update. After doing all of the above, I charged it to 100% overnight. Woke up the next morning and now everything works! Surprisingly the sleep wake button also works now and I didn’t even transfer the original over! I’ll leave an update if anything changes, but so far so good.


So it’s been a few weeks and the problem persists. What’s really strange is that when the battery is at 100% the iPad works normally. Even the sleep wake button works!! Once it starts dropping in power weird things start happening, i.e. unable to delete apps, sleep wake doesn’t work, apps don’t want to install. Feels like a software problem, but I’m wondering if it’s being caused by a hardware issue.


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Hi @kwalas

Are you having these touch response problems in the same area of the screen? You can test for touch issues by moving an app slowly around the screen or by dragging the notification bar across the screen. If the screen is jumpy or unresponsive, you know it’s a defective screen. To get past certain prompts or select buttons, you can rotate the iPad and try to tap it again from a different angle.

Sleep/wake problems can also be associated with the screen. A small sensor soldered to the digitizer flex can cause these problems if its not properly installed.

I recommend trying to return this screen and replace with a different one that will give you less problems.

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Hey - thanks for that video. I tested the screen just like in the video and no issues. I was able to move icons, status bar around no problem. I did not however re-install the magnetic sensor flex cable as I did not need it. Could this be causing the issues I'm seeing?


If I remember correctly isn't there a small hall sensor flex for the smart cover magnet on the old screen that needs to be transferred by soldering to the new screen?

Having that without it can cause problems.


Yes, that sensor is required on the iPad mini 4 to have a properly working sleep/wake function. Many replacement screens come with a new one pre-installed, but if yours is missing or damaged that would be the cause of those issues.


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