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I dropped my phone and now it just won't turn on

Device is Oppo AX7

Right I was at work and it was on my lap I sat up and it fell .

I have a gell casing. It fell on gravel but I mean it may as well have floated to the ground like a feather it was that subtle now I wouldn't have a clue but i think a cable or something may have come loose so I pulled it apart put it all back together tight and snug to no avail

hard resets safe modes chargers nothing works

I was wondering what did the drop cause to it so I can go buy the new part lol please and thank you oh and the screen isn't cracked it's in perfect condition cept it doesn't bloody go lol thanks guys I just need someone with experience on this matter to tell me what the part or problem that needs replacing because all parts look brand new the phones only a month old thanks again guys

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Thank you to whom ever takes time from their day to sort me out appreciate it


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The first thing I would do is plug in to see if there’s any type of life. Example lights, sounds, vibrate etc.

if not I would open the phone make sure nothing is ripped or disconnected. Even if the connections looks connected I would reconnect just to make sure. I would also take a flash light and look into the Lcd to see if there are any cracks. Sometimes the glass is not crack but the Lcd could be crack inside. Depending on the type of phone remove or unplug the battery and plug back in. Plug in the charger and see if it gets hot anywhere.

Plug into a computer and see if it reads. If it’s an iPhone do a soft reset. Many videos on YouTube depending on your model.

Of still don’t work you would need more professional tools to do better diagnostic on the board.

Hope this helps.

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Yes my friend that's very good thank you but to no avail was wondering i checked the LCD no cracks the LCD is fine

do you think the fault would Lay with the motherboard an need replacing in order for it go again? Any suggestions please people's


There s no noise no lights she's pretty dead will plug it in to a comp tomorrow if no signs of life get a new motherboard and this will fix the problem?


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Block Image

@Darwin hey mate I found this one of the prongs was loose and not connecting so I super glued it back together in hopes it would work but to no avail.

does that mean because that one prong is not connecting it's short circuiting itself or not distributing power throughout the phone therefore if the circuit is not complete it won't start? If so another motherboard?

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