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PS4 Pro: Power ribbon cable replacement for power button on console?

So I recently bought a used ps4 pro where the power button (on the console) doesn’t work. I opened it up and turns out the power ribbon cable for the power button is missing.

I’d like to replace it, problem is I’m not sure what ribbon cable it is. Any suggestions / clues?

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Hi, I know I am late, but I am in the middle of a project in which I need to extend the ribbon cables within the playstation, so I am getting familiar with them. From what I can tell, the ribbon cable is the exact same as the 9-pin ribbon cable on the disk drive. That being said, there are numerous replacement cables for the drives on ebay. Here’s a link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Bluray-Drive-Fl...

If you don’t want to buy all three, just look around for “disk drive flex ribbon cable to motherboard for PS4” and find the thinnest one.

Good luck!


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After posting that I just realized you are working on a PS4 Pro, while I am working on a PS4 Slim. Not sure how different they are, as I don't have access to a Pro, so definitely look into that before purchasing if you are still working on this project.


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