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General Motors' GMT400 platform.

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headlights don't work but bright lights do work

got a 1999 two door tahoe and the headlights do not work, but the bright lights work fine. i tried new bulbs, new fuses and even got a new control switch. what else can i do? and how?

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Have a 96 Chevy Tahoe.. High Beams work Low Beans Don't.. As I was looking this up the low Beans Turned on? I hope they stay working but if they don't turn on again what would be the Problem? A short? A Relay? Tia..


Brightlight works but dim bim not working


I have a 96 Oldsmobile Auroa passeger headliht is out hi beams work perfect. HELP


I have a 97 chevy tahoe, low beam does not work, but high beam does. I went thru the fuse box under the hood and I don't see any fuse labeled LO HDLP. Pls help,


I have a 1996 Toyota Tacoma with 2.4l engine and extended cab 2x2. Left high beam does not work even with brand new relay. Solution? I also tried new headlight. No highbeam.


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The lights are fused separately for high and low beam.

The low beam fuse is 10 amp marked LO HDLP in the underhood fuse panel. This fuse is powered by the low beam relay. The relay is activated by the body control computer (BCM). If the fuse isn't being powered it may be a bad relay, wiring to the relay or the BCM. If it is the BCM there may be a code stored in memory. Also check the Headlamp relay which is located in the wiring harness junction block.

Attached is a further description of your headlight circuit as well as a wiring diagram. Good Luck

Block Image

Block Image

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I have a 98 astro, I had problems with my turn signals and low beams. I replaced the relay and it fixed both. For some reason the low beams and turn signals are related electically? But yes check the electric block first.


I have a 97 chevy tahoe, low beam does not work high beam does. I went thru the fuse box on my truck and I don't see a label of LO HDLP.


I have a 95 z71 an i can't find anything to fix my headlights I put new lights in an they still don't work


We have a 2003 f150. Bright lights work. Dim doesn't. We've, replaced dimmer switch, fuses good, changed the switch on the steering column. Still don't come on.


Same problem no headlights maybe find problem tks


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