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Das ist die Variante ausschließlich mit Wi-Fi der fünften Generation des iPad, erschienen im März 2017. Erhältlich mit 32 und 128 GB Speicher, einem 9,7" Retina Display und einem 64 Bit A9 Prozessor.

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Home button not working

Hello. I have just replace the home button for an IPad, but it still isn’t working. I am trying to fix another local business’s mistake (they were asked to replace screen, and they also replaced the home button with an older, non-Touch home button. They installed what I believe is the IPad Air cable with an old IPad button and gasket (still has the white square on it). I believe he used the parts from this IPad to fix another one he was working on.

However, after completing the reassembly of the tablet, the home button still does not work. My question is: Since the cables were technically different, would that cause issues with the connecter going to the logic board, such as shorting it out or similar, or would there possibly be an issue with my home button I installed being defective perhaps?

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I have found my issue and have fixed it, but since it was a family members kid's and they don't really care, I had it done in the simplest and cheapest way I could.

My issue: the bracket came off away from the button too far and when pressed, the gasket would come off before it even met the bracket.

My solution: I simple put some single-sided adhesive labels that were cut in thin strips to the side of the bracket facing towards the home button to meet closer to the button, which also fixed my gasket problem. I had to reapply some two-sided tape to the legs of the bracket since the adhesive was no longer enough to hold it on from me taking it on and off so many times trying to diagnose issues.

Sure it's not the most professional thing I've done, but he will not care and I didnt charge a penny for it.

Glad there was no damage to the logic boards though! Breathed a sigh of relief when I heard that click and the home button turned on the screen!

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Hi @beatenpathtech

I have tried testing the functionality of and iPad Air home button on and iPad 5 logic board and as expected it did not work. It did not however permanently damage the home button functionality to do this. I would recommend getting a different replacement home button to see if that will fix your problems.

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