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New battery not charging

Hello. I replaced the battery of the phone today following the tutorial.

But when I finished and plugged it… it said that battery was on the 36% and Fast Charging…. but a couple oh hours later it says (while still connected and Fast Charging) that its on the 16%!!!

I turned it off and I will leave it the whole night charging. But do you know what could have been wrong?

after writing this message (couple of minutes), it is still on 16%. I strongly believe its not charging at all…

Thank you!

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@guillermoto try to measure the voltage on the battery contacts with the phone plugged in to charge or use an USB ammeter to see how many (milli)amps it pulls when charging. Since you just replaced the battery itis possible that this is a bad battery.

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Hardly I believe that the third, new battery which I replaced in my friend's iPhone 8 stricktly following the roules and steps in the tutorial, not charging.

Earlier I replaced mine (iPhone 8) and the result was just the same. Bought a new one from EU Store, proved the battery was bad. In this very moment my phone is OK, following the battery calibration.

My friend's phone is cold reset, software updated 14.2, home button and finger tip, camera, and any all standard apps are OK, but not charging. No charge level indication, however set to "show charge percentage"

Some good advice?

I'd be greatful!


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Unfortunately I don have a usb anmeter…. I think i will put the old one again… that way I will know if I broke anything else in the disassembly

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