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Repair and disassembly information for amplifiers in home audio systems.

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Crown XTi 2000 crowbar trigger after start up unless speaker connected

I am stumped, I have an xti 2000 shutting down after start up. It is not the power supply.


  • ch1 & 2 gate drives checked as well as the diodes associated.
  • power supply good
  • if a speaker is connected to Ch. 1 the crowbar is not triggered (the amp stays on)
  • output transistors okay (i think)

Any pointers are appreciated!

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You should unsolder the suspect output transistors to trace the circuit backwards for a possible short. When you plug in a speaker, you are adding a shunt circuit to mask an internal short. So if you only plug in one speaker in any channel, then the amp will stay on, OR ONLY CH 1? Testing components in circuit is a preliminary test, not a final nor reliable test. Since you have a stereo amp, that is a left and a right that should be the exact same parts for left and right, without a proper oscilloscope to diagnose, you can swap parts around until you find the actual problem, easy enough, yes.

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The amp will stay on if a speaker is connected to ch. 1 other wise the amp shuts down. The odd thing is that you can actually play music through ch.1 and it sounds fine.


Do you remember before you were having problems, could you connect and only listen to CH 2 alone? Without a good schematic, I would be removing major components, test them out of the circuit and swapping parts from CH1 to CH2 to see which part is bad. Of course I would hope to see the bad part while testing in my hand out of the circuit. I have an oscilloscope but I will guess that you do not.


Do you happen to have the schematic for this amp? I am trying to locate the 3.3v regulator circuit and cannot. Looking for a hand! The XTi Schematic is easily avail via a google search.


I also would do a google search as you have. Other forums for the specific unit is next. Are there too many transistors to test?


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