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Veröffentlicht im März 2016. Modell: SM-G930V.

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How to retain water resistency after performing backglass replacement?

Is there anyway to retain water resistency of phone after performing repair, are aftermarket adhesive as strong as OEM ones?

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I personally use E8000 glue, and I use it liberally. This glue is designed to be slightly flexible so it can fill in all the nooks and crannies you may have overlooked. When applying the glue to the phone try to make sure there is no gaps in the glue where water could find its way in. After you seat the rear glass panel make sure to use even amounts of pressure while the glue dries so gaps don’t appear.

Hope this helps!

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It will be difficult to retain water resistance after a repair. Generally, you should never expose your phone to water if you can help it.

Using a flexible type of glue is a good idea for keeping a watertight bond, but it will make the phone very difficult to repair again in the future if needed. OEM adhesive kits are your best bet, and iFixit does sell a quality set that should work like the original kit.

Galaxy S7 Rear Cover Adhesive Bild


Galaxy S7 Rear Cover Adhesive


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It’s better to treat it as permanently compromised and treat it as if the water resistance is gone if you repair or damage a water resistant phone. Even if you reseal it, you don’t know if it’ll fail due to a poor job again.

Treat it as a non water resistant phone going forward once you open it if at all possible. Do your best to seal it back up, but don’t trust it will work 100% ever again.

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