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Der JBL Charge 4 ist ein wasserfester und Bluetooth-fähiger Lautsprecher. Er kann zusätzlich als Powerbank für Smartphones dienen. Seine Modellbezeichnung ist CHARGE4S.

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Why won't jbl 4 fully charge from pc

jbl 4 has’’t charged fully from pc/desktop for the last 5 days

I used it for the first time without fully charging it.

Now it only stays on the 3rd led light still flashing.

Can anybody help with a solution?

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Have you tried to drain it all the way down until it shuts off on its own, then fully charge it up, either with your computer on or off or charging it up via another power source, by trying to drain and fill by different means, may point to the actual problem.

If it will not fully recharge, do you have to option to return it for an exchange?

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yes I have drained it all the down till it shut off by itself but it’s taking to long it’s been more than 5 days till it’s reached no.4 with it’s led flicking on and off. I don’t have any other power source except for the computer.

not sure if I can return it

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