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Face ID not working on a iPhone XS and tells move lower/move higher.

Hello. I try to repair iPhone XS (small) after sea water damage. After cleaning and replacing a display iPhone functioning perfectly, but Face ID still not working. iPhone not said nothing when have been started like "FaceID not working on this phone" etc.

But when I try to set up new face ID my iPhone tells me "move little lower", then "move little higher", also make blur and so infinitely. Sometimes iPhone says that it can't set up new FaceID. The fact is that I damaged ambien light sensor when were transfering FaceID module to a new display cause it was very damaged by sea salt. I think that it influence to FaceID working. And now I want to buy "iPhone XS 5.8 Ear Speaker Proximity Ambient Light Sensor Flex Cable w/ Brackets". But I'm not sure that Face ID will work after replacing it. I'm afraid that i need to buy iPhone XS Facing camera module too. (frontal camera, dot projector and infared camera)

I dont know how to know it works or no, so i tell you all symptoms that I observe. And I dont know, what if I change ambient light sensor and speaker my phone may tells me that FaceID cannot be installed cause it not paired with motherboard, frontal camera or other. I dont understand could I replace only ambient light sensor module if all rest modules are working.

So, I describe all symptoms:

- FaceID fails to detect a face during the setup process. Keeps sending the two messages: move iPhone a little lower/higher and makes blur sometimes

- Animoji works fine.

- Frontal camera works perfectly, but portrait mode not functioning.

- Both of back cameras works fine and portrait mode works too.

- I dont see anything lights through the camera of my other iPhone for check Flood illuminator works or not. I dont see a light of dot projector, but i thenk it cause it should turn off after lights of flood illuminator and proximity sensor.

- When picking up the phone it turn on the display

- I have tried of types of reset.

So, i'm waiting for your respond and I need help so much. Cause I need to know - I need to buy only "ambient light sensor" module or I need to buy it with a "frontal camera" module.

Could I get an issue than FaceID is unavaivable for my phone if I replace only ambient light sensor or no? Or maybe ambient light sensor nothing to do with? Maybe it all cause I move all Face ID and Speaker modules to a new display? Waiting for your help.

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https://blog.rewatechnology.com/iphone-x... - excellent flow chart for determining exactly which component has failed. My symptoms are identical to yours; the flood illuminator appears to be damaged. "Irrepairable".


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FaceID uses the flood illuminator module which is that rectangle piece on the front camera flex.

Unfortunately if the front camera flex assembly is replaced faceID will not work. If you are lucky you'll just need to realign the front camera assembly to get it to work.

I remember in the ifixit guide that sometimes part of the rectangle on the top may become stuck to the old screen that needs to be transferred and put back on the flood illuminator.

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And if a change only ambient light sensor module? It comes with speaker

I mean module that located under the screen. Also there are flood illuminator. If I change only this FaceID will works? Without Frontal camera module that located in a iPhone body.


For the portrait mode not working it sounds like the front camera assembly needs to be replaced as one of the frontal cameras are bad.

That shouldn't have an effect on faceID but I could be wrong as they probably work together.


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Warum Face ID nach einer Reparatur nicht funktioniert

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Hope this repair guide can give you a hint.

Fehlersuche für iPhone X Face ID: "iPhone etwas nach oben/unten bewegen".

Update (10/08/2020)

Here comes the latest dot projector repair technique for Face ID move iPhone a little lower/higher

iPhone XS Max Face ID Not Working Fixed - Dot Projector Repair

iPhone X Bild


Fehlersuche für iPhone X Face ID: "iPhone etwas nach oben/unten bewegen".



iPhone XS Max Bild


iPhone XS Max Face ID Not Working Fixed - Dot Projector Repair



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