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Can you upgrade the processor in an mac?

I would like to upgrade my macbook's (and possibly my mac mini's) processors... I would like to know if I could upgrade these processors and get a intel core i7 (or other faster processor) to keep my macs more up-to-date than just OS X.

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Older Mac minis (Model A1176, 2008 or older) can be upgraded to a faster, 64-Bit Core 2 Duo CPU (But not an i7) All newer Mac minis, and every MacBook made to date have integrated, non-removable processors.

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Normally you can't upgrade an apple machine. The main processor unit is soldered to the motherboard.

Only in some cases processor is in slot and, of course you must ask with apple support to know what type of processor you can upgrade.



Anyway, if you open your apple computer, you'll lose your warranty.

Normally, apple replaces the computer/tablet or the ipod for another new one when you have a factory problem, of course, inside the warranty.

If you change the main processor, you can make your machine unusable because apple computer doesn't have BIOS like almost all PC's.

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Thanks I will look into that.


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