The M11x R2 (Revision 2) is Alienware's 11 inch updated version of the original M11x laptop, featuring a i5 520UM or a i7 740UM processor in the american models.

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How to screw loose screen properly

I have bought the R2 alienware m11x a few months back, and I noticed that overtime the screen hinge got loose from the body. I know from my earlier experience with laptops that there should be four screws holding the screen in place, and they would eventually get loose from all the opening and closing. on my old dell, these were easily accessible, but with this, I can't seem to find them. I did open the back lid, and found all the main components, but not these screws.

I don't want to just go looking for them and remove (or possibly damage) components.

If anyone could help me, that'd be great.


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Thankyou for your answer. This helps a lot.

although I forgot to point out that I live in Israel, and bought it in the US. I called their support, and they are not willing to accept it from Israel, unless I pay for the shipping, which seemed to me like too much headache for a bunch of loose hinges.

again. thanks for the answer.


I tried to glew the broken screw hinges together. It worked to some extent... but I got a lot of dust between the display and the cover.

could anyone tell me where I can get a new display assembly to replace this?


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The M11xR2 has apparently the same issues with the hinges as the R1 the problem is with the weakness of the hinge support. Since it is a relatively new laptop, have you contacted Dell/Alienware to get it replaced under warranty. Check on here as well as perform a Google search for the complaints on this issue. The service manual is available right here and will show you how to go about your repair, if you can not get it fixed under warranty

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