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Erschienen im November 2016. Sie bietet verbesserte Hardware für 4K Spiele und Videostreaming. Model: CUH-7015B.

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Snapped disc stuck in drive, wont eject manually.

My son, in temper, snapped a disc panicked and push half the broken disc back in, it wont come out automatically or manually (I’ve tried taking off the top and turning the manual screw) I took it to a repair centre who say that the only way to fix is it to replace the drive but that would be expensive, any ideas at all?

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unless the snapped disc damaged the drive, the shop is just trying to get you on a replacement.

it is 100% possible to remove the disc drive and take the drive itself apart to remove the disc. I’d find another shop that is more helpful and willing to work with you on it, removing the disc and charging you a labor fee if the drive still works and if it doesn’t then offer you a replacement cost.

you could also try it yourself, but there are dangers involved for an expensive machine like this. I believe there’s an ifixit guide on removing the disc drive however

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Do you have a link to the guide? Im brand new to this site I found it looking for any help to fix it.


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