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Modell A1312 / Mitte 2011 / 2,7 & 3,1 GHz Core i5 oder 3,4 GHz Core i7 Prozessor, ID iMac12,2

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GPU available with Metal support?

Hi Folks,

There is one well running EMC 2429 in my office, which is still doing fine!

Is there any workaround for a GPU change, so that this model is capable of an update to Mojave/Catalina? Is there even a GPU that fits in there and “can do” Metal?

Thanks for any hint


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Here’s a good reference on what GPU’s support Metal. While this is aimed at PCIe boards for the older Mac Pro’s it also gives you a hint on what MXM boards of the same series. Most MXM boards have been discontented as the industry has moved on. You’ll need to do some deep searching! How Do You Find Mojave Compatible Graphics Cards For Cheese-grater Apple Mac Pro 5,1 Computers?

How about not altering your system and just run DosDude’s patcher macOS Mojave Patcher Tool for Unsupported Macs

This is a good solution for someone who is not pushing their system hard. Basically doing web surfing, email and simple writing and graphics. If you are a online gamer or heavy graphics (photo & video editing or deep layer drawing) then you’ll likely push your system to hard.

I do recommend getting a good thermal monitoring app like TG Pro which can slo help push the cooling harder when needed.

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Hi @danj - Thank you for your quick answer.

The link to DosDude’s Mojave patcher is good. I already tried that and basically, it is working well.

Only problem: if the GPU is not metal capable, there is a “bad looking shift of colors”. If there would be a workaround to prevent this color shift and get genuine colors I would not need any GPU change.


@z_city - Did you try altering the color shift using the Display preferences under Color? Sadly, there are limits on what DosDude Patcher can offer. I've looked a few times for the needed board with little success.


No, did not know about this possibility. But i will give it a 2nd shot and see if it works. THX :-)


If your cool, don't forget to score and accept the answer - Thanks!


Sure - give me a few days and i will come back to you (thumbsup).


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