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15.6", Intel HD Graphics, Core i3 2330M, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, 4 GB RAM, 500 GB HDD

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My Inspiron N5110 Laptop doesn't boot, screen doesn't turn on.

The laptop was working fine yesterday. Today when i turned it on:-

-the power button turns on

-the three support buttons on the top right corner of the laptop flash

-i can see battery and power notification lights but the hard drive light doesn't blink or turn on

-i can hear and in fact glimpse the fan working, after 5 seconds, fan stopped

-the screen shows nothing, it isn't a black screen because that would imply that the screen still turns on but the screen remains off.

-I hear beep sound after 2 minutes.

Following methods i tried, but still same problem:

1. Removed the battery and press the power button for 30 seconds to remove static current, after that tried driecctly using adapter without battery.

2. Tried holding down the Fn+d and press the start button OR hoding down the D button and press te start button.

3. Alsi i removed the RAM adn reinserted, still same

4. searched some where to check whether the mother board is working or not - i tried this - "Removed the memory modules from the laptop and turned on , i heard the beep sound that means says that the motherboard is working fine.

Please help me on this.

Thank you.

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Hi @siva5110 ,

How many beeps ?

Can you get into BIOS?


@jayeff Yes After 2 minutes, continuously 4 beeps and then stopped, after 2 seconds again 4 beeps, again same.

BIOS- scree doesn't turn on at all, if i enter into bios that means screen turned on, but here screen doesn't turned on.


@siva5110 Hi, regarding diagnostics beeps: https://www.parts-people.com/blog/2014/0... - It means, your memory write/read is fault.


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Hi @siva5110 ,

According to the specifications there are two RAM slots in the laptop.

Try the following:

Ensure that you disconnect the power and the battery from the laptop when you go to remove/insert the RAM modules.

Here’s a link to the service manual for your laptop. Scroll to p.19 to view the procedures to remove/insert the RAM module.

If you only have 1 RAM module inserted, try moving it to the other slot and check if the laptop turns on.

Basically you are testing if the RAM module will work in either slot.

if it doesn’t you’ll have to get another compatible RAM module and test if the laptop turns on as the original RAM module may be faulty

If you have 2 RAM modules inserted, remove one and then try to start the laptop.

If no good move the RAM to the other slot and try again.

If still no good, remove the RAM module and insert the other RAM module in the first slot and turn on the laptop

If no good move the RAM module to the 2nd slot and try again.

Basically you are testing if either RAM module will work in either slot.

If neither module works in either slot try another compatible RAM module and check if the laptop turns on. Although it would be unusual for 2 modules to fail at the same time.

If the new RAM module also fails in either slot then you have a memory controller problem on the motherboard.

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I am using only one ram and I already tried this, but no use.


Hi @siva5110 ,

Did you try a different compatible known working RAM module then?


the only light that shows in mine is the third from right button. (Big gear and small one.) This laptop has served me many years...until now when it exhibited this problem for the very first time!

Followed YouTube examples where you take out the battery after holding power button for 30 seconds or more. But, alas! It's to no avail!!!



Did you also remove the coin cell battery from the motherboard when you removed the main battery?

Sometimes when doing a power refresh to reset the BIOS in case it has become corrupted, you need to remove the coin cell battery from the motherboard as well.

Here's the procedure:

Disconnect the charger if connected.

Remove the main battery from the laptop.

Open the laptop and remove the coin cell battery from the motherboard

(here's the service manual. Go to p.61 to view the procedure to remove the coin cell battery - when the battery is out measure its voltage. If it is <2.5V DC replace it. The battery type number is stamped on the battery. usually it is a CR2032 and is available everywhere e.g. supermarkets)

Press and hold the laptop Power button for 30 seconds and then release it.

Reinsert the coin cell battery (or its replacement) +ve side up as marked on the battery

Reassemble the laptop, insert the main battery, connect the charger and check if it turns on OK.

If it does there may be a message that the date and time are incorrect. This is normal as the BIOS has been reset. Once the D&T have been corrected the message won't appear again the next time that the laptop is started.


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