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Repair guides and support for tablets manufactured by DigiLand.

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How do I reset a digiland dl1016 to factory specs?

I am trying to put a digiland dl1016 back to factory specs it doesn't matter if data is lost as this is a 10 year olds tablet. Can you help me please?

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Angela Hamilton try this. Turn your Tablet off first.

  • Hold down the up volume button and power button together.
  • A menu in English should show up
  • Choose restore option.
  • Dead android with caution sign appears.
  • Hold down the up volume button and press and release power button.
  • Choose factory reset option.

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does not work it just reboots after 5 seconds


I did what you instructed and on the screen is wording that’s Chinese or Korean


How to reset a digiland tablet if your been lock out


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# Go to settings

  1. Then click accounts. Remove all accounts on the device.
  2. Go back to settings
  3. Then click system
  4. Click advanced & then click reset options.
  5. Click erase all data (factory reset)
  6. Follow prompts to complete reset.

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