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The Gateway FX6840 is a desktop PC that features an Intel Core i7 processor.

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Windows 10 won't boot due to drives converting to RAW format from NTFS

How do I convert RAW drives back to NTFS without losing data. Windows 10 repair options during reboot can’t fix. Only access is through the comand prompt. Have not tried diskpart option to convert to NTFS because of worry that I will lose data. All three partioned drives have all been converted to RAW format!

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If I am not wrong, RAW format on Windows means that is part of a Software Array or Dynamic Disk Array. If you can see your information on CMD backup your information to another drive and make a clean installation.

If a drive is bad and is part of an Array you have to replace it and rebuild the array. If everything has been made with windows you can try to boot from another hard drive with windows and see if you can rebuild or backup your information.

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