My Phone's Back touch key keeps on clicking alone.

My Galaxy S6 ‘s back key starts clicking alone sometimes when on charger or even without being connected to the charger. at first i thought its the LCD screen that has a problem. after 3 months, my screen broke so i went to replace it, and they replaced it but it they noticed that my battery has a little bit swollen from the upper side that the back cover and the screen from the upper side wont set in its good place.

i will replace it but the issue of the key is still happening.

Could it be because the screen is not clicked well due to the battery? or could be the battery? since it is acting weird and maybe affecting the key?

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I think this may be an issue with the ribbon cable and whoever fixed i probably heated the device to 200 or more and in term the battery is swollen. Or they punctured the battery in the procedure. You'd be better of getting a new cell phone.


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