Samsung French Door refrigerator Class Action

If you have had issues with your Samsung French Door Refrigerator, I’ve added a link below that has all the information you need to join the Class Action. This link provides the model numbers included involed, and a detailed description of the problems, including ice maker issues, water collecting under the crisper drawers and several other complaints. This site updates regularly and explains everything so we can understand all the legal talk.

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Do you know if WP is also involved? They have done the same %#*@ thing. I have a French Door fridge that I've replaced the control panel on, and now I'm being told I also have to repair the voltage display board. Water runs fine.


@reddishf0x I’m not sure about Whirlpool in an class action suits. I do know that Whirlpool has the worst warranty than all the other manufacturers. All manufacturers give a full year warranty that cover parts and labor, in every appliance they sell. They also include a limited warranty that covers the cost of the parts only, not the labor, in the sealed system from the date of purchase for 7-10 years. The sealed system includes the compressor, evaporator and condenser. Unfortunately, Whirlpool doesn’t extend a warranty past that first year. Whirlpool is the only manufacturers I know of that doesn’t cover their parts after the first year. Did your refrigerator work fine after the control board was replace? A voltage display board, I’ve never heard a display board called that. What’s the issue your having. What’s your model number?


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