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How to tell if a Sony device is dual voltage?

I have a Sony HT-NT5 soundbar and subwoofer, bought in the USA. However, I am now in a country with 220 voltage and I’m trying to find out if the bar and sub are dual voltage.

The stickers on the back say 120v and no voltage range is show, but given that other sony products (Bravia, PS3/4 etc) are in fact dual voltage while only stating single voltage in the US, I’d like to find out about this device for sure, without blowing it up.

If no-one knows for sure, is there a way to find out by looking at the power mount inside?

Thanks for any help!

Update (11/15/2019)

Posting an image of the subwoofer powermount, if it helps. I might post the bar power mount as well a bit later, but I can’t get the cabinet apart easily…

Block Image

Block Image

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@oldturkey03 Thanks for your quick reply! I've done some more research and found the same as you did - the power supply is indeed A-2086-404-A for the bar (as you mentioned), and A-2086-688-A for the subwoofer.

Do you know anything about that subwoofer power? I updated my question with pictures from that one (A-2086-688-A) because it's easy to reach.

The bar psu is harder to see - I'm afraid of breaking the unit in teardown. I removed all the screws and can lever up the cabinet and shine a torch in just enough to confirm that it is the A-2086-404-A board.

The trouble with both of these power boards is that - as far as my untrained eyes can see - they don't list clearly what the voltage is on the board. I see in the corner of the bar psu: 'T5AH 250V' - is that the voltage rating?

Is the only way to know for sure to plug it in to a 220v outlet...?

Thanks again for all your help!


@lukestu the only way to find out for sure is by looking at the power board. The label will always list the voltage of the country from where it was purchased from. The information that I have is that the HT-NT5 uses a Sony A-2086-404-A power supply. That particular power supply is dual voltage. Again, verify this by looking at your power board…..

=== Update (11/15/2019) ===

T5AH 250V is the fuse rating. The subwoofer power panel gets its power from the power board, so you'll be okay with that. Further in the back is another fuse rated at 250V as well. Yes, the only way is to try but I am confident that it is a dual voltage board.


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The short answer for the sub is: NO. I connected it up and it blew immediately, smoke, etc. I can see a blown cap and hopefully thats all it is, but who knows until I replace it. Posting this to let anyone in a similar position know the risk…rather be patient and do proper research, or use a step-down transformer.

Block Image

Now, to replace the power board. The question now is: Should I get an EU power board? Does anyone know a good EU supplier of Sony replacement parts? If I replace the sub power board with an EU one and it works well, I’ll go ahead and replace the bar power board as well.

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@lukestu darn I definitely did not expect this to happen. Let's check to see if the Sony HT-NT5 is available in any EU country or if it was build for the NA market only. Contact me by email so I can at least cover the cost for your power board since I feel partially responsible for this. My email is on my About page. Just click on my Avatar.

That power supply is used in other soundbars as well. Search for Sony 1-980-471-11


@oldturkey03 No worries mate - I knew the risks and was prepared to take the hit.

Just to clarify - the HT-NT5 has a soundbar and a separate wireless subwoofer with it's own power mount. Thats the power mount I posted pictures of, so maybe that confused you. It's the subwoofer that blew.

The Sony HT-NT5 is available in EU/UK. Do you suppose I can simply install an EU rated power mount? I've found the official Sony replacement supplier, and they list part number A-2086-690-A as the replacement part for that sub - https://eu.eetgroup.com/search?query=SA-....

Maybe you know of a cheaper supplier?


@lukestu if you can get the EU power mount I would definitely go for it.


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