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Modelle A1237 oder A1304 / 1,6, 1,8, 1,86, oder 2,13 GHz Core 2 Duo Prozessor

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MacBook Air tricky SMC

I buy a used MacBook Air and in the first moment it didn’t power on, so I charge him whole night and after pressing random keys+holding power button it turn on. BUT after 10 minutes it power off. So I order new battery from China and after replacement it works. BUT after charging the MacBook with Chinese battery it power off. So I took him to the local PC Service’s and they told me there is on the motherboard little chip called SMC and it is broken. Can somebody help me?

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There are pretty skillful techs answering questions on this forum but I don't yet know any of them being able to replace an SMC at a distance.


Can motherboard replace fix this problem?


@macbooksmc If it's indeed a faulty SMC sure, replacing the board would fix it.


@macbooksmc - Where are you located country and nearest city?


@danj Why do you want my location???


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Motherboard replace.

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I would recommend you spend sometime reviewing Louis Rossmann’s YouTube vids

Unless you have the schematics and boardview drawings as well as a good understanding on electronics theory its a steep climb to diagnose and repair your logic board. You will still need the needed tools and access to the parts.

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