About This Mac Storage showing incorrect data

Transferred data from a Windows environment on an HP laptop to a macOS Mojave environment on the 15-inch Mid 2012 MBP using the Windows Migration Assistant tool provided by Apple.

Afterward the Storage section in About This Mac consistently gives the wrong reading. For a while it was saying I had more space used than physically possible (around 700GB used when the drive size is only 500GB).

I tried cloning the internal drive onto an external, erasing and reformatting the internal drive, installing a clean version of Mojave with a default user account, then manually migrating the contents of the user Home folder. I ran First Aid from Recovery, I rebuilt the Spotlight index, none of this resolved the incorrect storage reading.

By using Daisy Disk I figured out that the majority of the data on the machine is in the Photos library, but the About This Mac storage reading only shows Documents, iTunes Media, and System. I made sure the Photos Library had the default name, was in the Pictures folder, and then I repaired the library.

Still the About This Mac storage reading is incorrect. I was able to clear up some space and reduce the actual used data down to about 250 GB, which shows correctly when I use Disk Utility or show the size of the internal drive in Finder, but in the About This Mac storage layout I have about 70 GB of Documents, 50 GB of iTunes Media, and about 80 GB of System files, and the total sum is less than what it says is used in Disk Utility. What could be causing this issue?

Research online has so far been fruitless. Thanks for any help you can provide!

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